I remember drawing lessons with my grandfather. Wherever we went, we always took sketchpad and pencil along. We strolled for hours through the surrounding woods and meadows, to pause, when we discovered something particularly interesting, such as a crooked tree or a rare lizard, to make a sketch of that object.
During those times of drawing, we made up stories about faraway countries, where gnomes, ferries, and dragons reigned.

On the occasion of those walks, it was that the artist developed a deep closeness to nature. That closeness gave her the feeling of safety and being part of Creation. It has been her true companion ever since as well as a source of inspiration.
At her grandparents' she felt part of nature, at her parents', in the city, she was fascinated by the world of music and theatre, when actors, singers, and musicians were invited. Living in the artists' community, which her parents' were part of, as well as being inspired by the life wih her grandparents, the foundation for an artist's biography was laid.

One event left a lasting impression on artist's life.

„Each day, I met him in the yard. We talked about art. That was, what he and I had in common: the love for shapes and colours. He was French, wore a black beret und drove a little French car. He was an artist. I fell in love with this man and his paintings. My decision was made: I wanted to become an artist and marry this man. The fact, that he was thirtyfive and I five, did not strike me as odd. I created a painting for him each day.
I did not marry my friend from those days. The love for shapes and colours, however, has been with me ever since.

„When I listened to my father playing the violin, those sweet, melancholic sounds made me think of the most TURQUOISE beautiful landscapes, floating water, and ever changing clouds in the skies.
Learning how to play the violin herself, opened new perspectives. With her mother, who taught her to play the piano, the artist enjoyed performing concerts for piano and tussefløte, created by Scandinavian composers, amongst those Grieg has always been her favourite.
Playing instruments, singing, and dancing were favorite past times at her grandparents' as well. Painting and Music became close friends

"As a child, I had dreamed about a magician, who gave me a treasure box. When I opened that box, wonderful scents numbed my senses and the most vibrant colours filled my eyes. Later, I met a man, who was instrumental in guiding me to deepen my understanding for shapes and colours. He encouraged to transfer my very own inner images onto canvas and paper and thus taught me to live my creativity.
It was the encounter with her mentor, role model and friend, Prof. Peters, that determined the way of selfawareness and the artist's personal understanding of art.



Studies at the Academy of Arts, Stuttgart and the Independent School of Art, Nuertingen followed privat studies in the fields of art and music.
"During those years one of my teachers considered my art to be influenced by Kandinsky, another thought that Monet was most certainly one of my role models. My illustrations, yet another teacher stated, showed that I had studied the works of Toulouse-Lautrec and A. Paul Weber.
Prof. Peters, however, said that he could only see one person clearly: «Myself only!»
By further studies including the art of drawing and illustrating, painting and sculpting, psychology of art, drama and dance, the artist acquired new skills in these areas and expanded her creative horizon.



In workshops for children and adults, Luna has been able to encourage others to discover their unique creativity and enjoy their artistic talent. Especially the creativity of children, their „magic creativity“ has always fascinated the artist.

She loves to work with children, since in the artist's view «they still feel their creative self and they show a natural curiosity, to explore, to create, and to become one with the creative process. The flow of creativity can still roam freely.
Observing children, immersed in the process of creativity, we can learn a lot. Foremost, it can (re)-open the gate to the joy of playing and creating and thus detecting a wonderful world of magic and childhood secrets.»


Being of Scandinavian descent, the artist feels closely connected with the Northern countries and their people. Following her ancestors’ feet the artist travelled Denmark, Sweden and Norway. She produced many sketches of the savage mountains, lovely meadows, and deep fjords. Those sketches were then tranformed into paintings, to be completed in her studio. Places of inspiration were also Germany, the United States of America, England, Italy, Spain, and France. The numerous sketches, L. Sconty brought from her journeys, she has used as rough drafts in her artwork.



«My grandmother has always encouraged me to live my ideas. Her words of encouragement gave me the strength to believe in myself, my work,and to accomplish my achievements.
For me, she was and is the most wonderful woman and my great female role model. She was full of love, an endless energy, courage, and a great sense of humour. She taught me never to give up. She taught me to go my way, keeping my eyes open and my senses alert, always searching for answers to my many questions.»

Her friend Silvia from Guatemala calls Luna her European Frida (refering to Frida Kahlo and her work). Indeed, both artists share many similarities in terms of their vita and art work.

In case of questions regarding the artwork, we kindly ask you to contact us via one of the below email address:    (England, USA)
or    (Germany)




1966  Gallery Wahmstrasse; Luebeck, Germany

«Young Art Kiel»; Kiel, Germany

1968  Solo Exhibition; Kiel, Germany
1969  Association of Northern Artists, Exchange with Scandinavian Artists
Luebeck, Germany
1973-1976  Academy of Arts, Group Exhibition; Stuttgart, Germany
1974  Studio Fellbach, exhibtions; Stuttgart, Germany
1976-1977  Independent School of Art, Group Exhibition; Nuertingen, Germany
1990  Artists of Princeton and WW ; Princeton, NJ, USA
1991  Office Exhibition-Ave of the Americas, Manhattan; NYC, USA
1994  Solo Exhibition, PlainsboroCultural Center; Plainsboro, NJ, USA
Workshop with puppet artists Carol Henderson and Marco.
Members of the community, Jinny Baeckler (Director, Plainsboro Library), the artists Carol, Marco, and Luna built giant puppets, made of paper machée and fabric. These fantastic puppets were shown on the occasion of the Plainsboro
Founders Day Parade.
1994-1999 Exhibition, Townhall, Plainsboro, NJ, USA
1994-1998  Munich Studio, Exhibtion, Workshops; Munich, Germany
1998-2001  Oxford Studio, Exhibitions, Workshops; Oxford, England
1999  St. Paul's Church, Solo Exhibition; Culham, England
1999-2001  Studio «The Old Abbey», Gallery, Workshops; Sutton Courtenay, England
2000  Open House (Art in Action); Oxfordshire, England
2000-2002  Studio London, Exhibitions, Workshops; London, England
Since 1975  Art Instructor
Since 2000 

Safish Design, Agency for Art & Design,Continuous Exhibition;
Munich, Germany

Gallery Dr. Michel Osang; Munich, Germany
Derwent Pencil Museum, Keswick, Cumbria, England
Riverside Gallery, Northwood; London, England





•   Plainsboro Art Competition
     Four paintings were selected by the jury, Bristol Myers Squibbs and the Local Art Panel:
    «Poppies are My Favorite», «Avenue of the Americas»,
    «Cycle of Creation I», «Cycle of Creation II»
•   Illustrations of magazines and company broschures
•   Design of Posters
•   Book-Illustrations:
    «Bookmaking for Kids»
    «Story in a Stone»
    «Music and Dance»
    «You Can Do It»

•   Workshops:
    «Painting with Music»
    «Colour and Food - a creative Delectation»
    «Creativity and Colour»

    «Associative Painting»

    «Discover Your Creative Self»

•   The artist is member of SAA (UK), AOI (UK), and NAPP (USA) and maintains
    cross-cultural connections with artists in Europe and America